Happy Halloween Everyone,

We are busily squirreling away here at H&W HQ's preparing for 2017 and the most exciting Bridal Shop opening in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

I am quite sure you know our story already but if you don't; I am Jemma and I have been in love with anything wedding related since I was a little girl (Pillow Case Veils e.t.c.) after I found my very own Prince Charming (Or slightly scruffy Thor - Esq, Surfer Dude/Country Gent - to be precise) and we got engaged - there started a journey to find my dream gown, a journey that took nearly two years, countless wedding dress shops, freezing cold sample sales and even a dodgy replica dress from China - yes I am one of those brides - It ended with me not being able to find an affordable designer dress that was fashion forward, modern and fresh and also experiencing less than satisfactory shopping experiences. I eventually imported my gown which was perfect and vowed then, that should the right shop come along at the right time, then I would bring Designer, Fashion Forward, Modern but Timelessly Elegant Bridal Gowns to the Brides to Be of Hertfordshire - not only providing them with hand picked exquisite gowns, handmade ethereal accessories that are on trend and swoon-worthy but the shopping experience will be second to none. Each Bride that books with Halo&Wren (Name inspo from my daughter) will have exclusive use of our Grade II listed Boutique which is nestled in the Heart of The Old Town, Hemel Hempstead - the attention they deserve, the prosecco they deserve and the choice of the most unique gowns around.

So that's the introduction in how I decided to open a wedding dress shop is brief but full of amazing and eye opening experiences and some serious learning curves. I can't stress how much I want to make Brides Feel Beautiful, to give them the dress alternatives and to combat the issues I had as a bride searching for a dress in my local area and having to continually visit London to try on anything remotely fashionable.

So I will end this 'Hello' post with Welcome and I look forward to meeting my brides, their families and friends and also watch this space....this is just the start.


Jemma Halo&Wren Bridal

P.s We are taking bookings now! For February 2017 and onwards.