We open in four days, I say it again...we open in four days!!! This is madness!! The Spanish dresses are here, the dutch dresses are here, the Ozzie dresses are in the air, the American dresses are in the U.K somewhere!

We are painting, laying floor and beautifying till we drop but most importantly we just can't wait to open our doors, we can't wait to meet our Brides and their tribes. To give the best service with the most unique and beautiful gowns.

We have been overwhelmed with the welcome from the Businesses and Residents of the Old Town too, so many people popping into say Hi and wishing us luck on our new venture. And what a venture it is...it's a dream and without my Mum none of this would have even have started.

But without my husband and it's 21.40 on a Tuesday night and he is at the shop scraping paint of the window and has been since he arrived home from work, it would still be a damp old Florist shop. This man works so hard for our family, so hard for Me. This Valentine's there isn't any cosying up, dinner for two, romance but there is Love and Support and Damn Hardwork from the very best Husband.Thank You for sharing the stress and making my dreams become reality.

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