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Felicity Cooper Poppy Arriving Soon

The Ultimate Modern Boho Babe Gown 'Poppy' from Felicity Cooper's Authentic Alice 2018 Collection is arriving anyway now in store.

A Felicity Cooper bride is individual, stylish and knows her own mind. She wants to stand out from the crown and wear something eye catching, breathtaking but comfortable. She wants to have fun on her day, look back at her pictures and think WOW! 

The gown features a beautiful low back, soft cap sleeves, the most Ethereal delicate Lace details & is just such a relaxed, beautiful gown perfect for a Bohemian Vibe Wedding full of natural details.

To try this absolute BEAUT of a gown on please use our booking page. POPPY is only at Halo & Wren for a limited time, book now to secure your trial.


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