• JP


Halo & Wren are up super early tomorrow for a ‘Look Book Shoot’. You have probably seen on Instagram that Bridal Boutiques and other Wedding Services and Suppliers get together to do Styled Shoots and maybe you’re thinking what’s it all about?

Well we like to do shoots here at H&W frequently, mainly because we know you love to see our gowns and there is no better way of displaying a gown than on a real body!

Bridal Gowns really come to life when they are worn and when they are simply hanging on the hanger, Beides find it hard to imagine what that gown looks like?! Rightly so.

A shoot is the perfect way to display our amazing gowns, show off other suppliers and obviously see some fantastic photographers real work too.

We don’t just hold shoots for fun although they are always fun and crazy. We’re always happy thinking ‘How do get our Bridea to see our gowns and make a Bride understand the vibe of a Bridal Boutique’.

When Bridal Boutiquea work with other suppliers they will often work with Branda that represent the same outlook; certainly for H&W we want to work with services that are cool, uniquely original but ultimately relaxed yet professional.

This means that the images we create and the looks that are styled are representative always of our individual and modern approach to Bridal.

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s pictures which are being shot for a Look Book representing H&W.

And we have just recently worked with Bijou Bride & RocknRoll Bride for an amazing Celestial Themed magazine feature (updates on that soon!).

Jemma H&W