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March has been and gone and with it; snow! We spent a long time moaning about the temperature. And dressing for sub zero temperatures. For most March was pretty miserable but for me at Halo & Wren we had a very special weekend in the diary.

The White Gallery & London Bridal Week on the 25th - 27th March.

This is the biggest Buying Event in our calendar, at this retailers only event. We get to meet our designers, network with other Bridal boutique owners and most importantly see the next seasons collection- Excel was the venue and packed to the brim with designers showcasing their amazing gowns. 

We went to see our friends at Watters and viewed the next season Willowby and Wtoo gowns.

The gowns no.1 and no.2 at the top of the page is a little sneak peek; Willowby the modern boho brides dream designer have the coolest collection featuring tiered gowns and embroidered beauties.

Wtoo by Watters the contemporary yet timelessly classic range has provided some beautiful gowns which I have decided to get in 14+ sizes. So happy to be providing gowns for all body shapes and sizes.

We’re expecting these new gowns from Watters from September 2018 and they’re gotley anticipated!

Check out our social media for further sneak peeks of the new gowns from Watters Wtoo and Willowby.

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