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Weekly update - My top tips for taking the stress out of planning and a sneak peek into a real Halo

So much can happen in a blink of an eye; Brides your weddings fly round so fast so I have put together a couple of tips to help you organise your Bridal Experience to minimise stress.

Firstly, I know insurance is a complete and utter BORE but please get Wedding Insurance. According to a new survey of 4,000 brides, the average cost of a UK wedding is now a whopping £27, 161 the highest it’s ever been and up 9.6 per cent from last year. With Weddings costing so much, why wouldn’t you protect this investment.

Secondly, book your seamstress appointment as early as you can, this doesn’t mean you need to see the seamstress the day the gown arrives but if you have a a seamstress appointment pencilled I’m, if you need to move it, you’ll already have an established relationship with your seamstress and they’ll be much more accommodating than a Bride attempting to book an appointment two weeks before the wedding in the middle of the crazy wedding season. It means that you will have enough time for as many fittings and or alterations that are required and as experience goes, you never know what will need doing and the time required. Seamstresses are doing intricate and detailed work by hand and this incredibly talented skill takes time. Yes I understand I was one of those Brides who thought I needed to lose weight for my gown (I didn’t! And neither do you, but each person has their own goals for their day), you want to leave yourself enough time as possible to be how you want to be for your gown to look amazing, but if you don’t leave enough time for the seamstress alterations and fittings, the gown may not fit at all. Leave your chosen seamstress enough time to create their magic and book early, securing your first appointments at least 6-8 weeks before the big day.

Thirdly, making a commitment to a gown. Honestly I have Brides crying in the most beautiful gowns and then they leave H&W because they want to see what else is out there. If a gown makes you feel a certain way then secure the gown. Brides are bombarded with beautiful gowns on social media and online, everyone is scared incase they see something else they love more, honestly my advice is ‘When you said Yes to your partner when they proposed, did you continue to look around? No! I’m sure you can appreciate a good looking guy or girl walking past but that doesn’t mean it’s better than your one!’ There will always be more beautiful gowns, and there will always be more beautiful men and women but if a gown gives you a great feeling, you feel like you, you look incredible, you can eat, dance, drink and you know how amazing you’ll look on your wedding day and then COMMIT to the gown.

Lastly whilst in a queue for Pilates (yes, get me!) I overheard a conversation about how overwhelming Wedding planning is, and one lady was saying to another (who’s daughter is planning her wedding), use the 3 only rule; only go and see three suppliers/services etc which will give you a broad range of different styles, budgets and vibes. I like this rule, there are so many amazing independent services and supplier out there fighting to see you gorgeous Brides, go with your gut feeling and visit the places that make your heart sing. You don’t have to see everything!

I’ll finish on a super duper Hump Day note, check out my real Halo & Wren Bride Josephine Carlisle who married in London on Bank Holiday Monday wearing Marquise Bridal ‘Monique Silk Open Back Tee’ & Selena Silk Skirt, Jo also had a change in the evening into Selena Silk Cami, her veils were also supplied by Halo & Wren from Helen Martin Veils. I cannot wait to see more pictures of this truly perfect Halo & Wren Bride; Cool, Relaxed, Unique and so so Beautiful.

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