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How to do Backless

You have fallen in love with a backless wedding dress but your knockers definitely require some extra support - don't panic, there are definitely some good options out there. Here's the guide to the best bra's for a backless bridal gown. 1. Fashion Forms U-Plunge Backless and Strapless Bra. They also have backless, strapless sticky bodies and a wide range of options for backless gowns.

This bra works by the invisible sticky wings that stick to your skin under your arms. They go up to a D-cup but I think I would only advise this option up to a c-cup to feel totally secure.  It also has a detachable strap that can be worn like a halter neck so if your dress closes at the back of the neck this will give you some extra security.

2. Sioda Lingerie Bespoke  Based in Northen Ireland. Mary makes bespoke shape wear solutions for backless/strapless wedding dresses. She is a master at her craft and can work her magic even if you are lucky enough to go up to an H-cup. Each piece is custom made for you and works to give you the perfect seam free silhouette, but be warned - these bespoke suits need to be ordered almost as soon as you order your dress to ensure Mary's availability.  

3. Back To Glam Bras French company Back to Glam have easy solutions for a backless dress, they mostly comprise of clear straps that loop around the back of you shoulders and around your waist. I particularly love how the straps go so low at the base of your back - often the high street versions of this style sit too high for modern bridal gowns.

4. BUILDING CUPS INTO YOUR DRESS This option is best for those who just want a little extra support / coverage but would generally be okay going braless. These bra cups are available from most haberdasheries and can simply be sewn into your dress when you are having your fittings. Your seamstress should be able to source them for you or the ones pictured above are from  glamour secrets.co.uk  Alternatively for a couple of quid you can pick up silicone nipple covers which are sticky, provide nipple protection and shape from Primark, which are like plasters you stick over your nipples. I hope that has given you some ideas on how you can totally wear a bra with a backless wedding dress. Hit me up if you have any further questions or need help with your underwear choices. To view and try on our huge range of backless gowns make an appointment at Halo & Wren. 

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