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A Pat on the back

Every now and then you get a little pat on the back, a little tip of the head a nod to say; Hey you’re doing great. Yesterday my lovely Mum a regular face at H&W took over the reins, it’s just Me at H&W so every little bit of help is so gratefully received. The reason my mum was looking after my Brides temporarily was that I was attending a little CPD, in my spare time I like to exercise and specifically I teach Les Mills Body Pump and Combat. I know, I know; how do I fit it in...but it’s my down time, my escape and with a new, ever growing Bridal business and a gorgeous two year old boy and an amazing four year old daughter - that little bit of downtime and the exercise is very much needed. The CPD is actually called AIM (Advanced Instructor Module), and it consists of extremely intense exercise from 8am - 6pm; inspiring incredibly inspiring but oh so exhausting and social media, telephone calls and emails were out! Except at lunch time; which was 15 minutes...I opened my emails. That pat on my back was sitting in my email inbox; not just a pat on the back but a ‘We think you’re doing great as good as some of the best pat on the back’. There was two emails from Bridal Buyer Magazine first one; started off like this: Congratulations! You are a finalist in the New Bridalwear Retailer of the Year category in the Bridal Buyer Awards 2018, and you made it against some pretty tough competition! Holy Moly!!! I’m so over the moon to be considered good enough to stand in the finals with my peers who I consider inspirational. So in my fifteen minute lunch break, my head is giddy with excitement and just wanted to jump up and down and tell 120 body combat instructors, I made it to the finals!!!!!! Frantically forwarding the email to my long suffering husband; I scroll down and see another email from Bridal Buyer and it goes a little something like this: Congratulations! You are a finalist in the Retailer Website of the Year category in the Bridal Buyer Awards 2018. So, every aspect of my business is incredibly personal, I started this business because of my own Bridal buying experience and H&W is specifically designed/run according to my experience as a modern Bride right down to the website; the initial point of contact. I wanted every visitor that entered the website to know immediately my branding and ethos and what it represents. To know that place is special, it’s not luxury, it’s relaxed, luxury can be intimidating and stuffy. H&W is pretty, comfortable, actually comforting but mainly it’s relaxed, it’s a welcoming yet cool and modern environment and you know this straight away from the design, layout and feel of the website, all of which I have made myself and continue to maintain by myself. So this recognition is pretty massive. But actually, you know what the best recognition is, it’s the tiny throw away comments from Brides and their families ‘I came here because I knew from the website’, ‘I never want to leave this shop’, ‘the gowns here are so unique, I have never seen anything like these gowns before’, ‘this is the place I have been searching for’, ‘I had to come here, I just had to come here’, ‘it’s so relaxed here’, ‘where are the lights from, where are the chairs from, I love the neon sign’ and I could go on. Obviously I live for the Brides; you the Bride and finding you the gown of your dreams and making your experience the best it can be is what it’s all about, and recognition is not needed but it’s nice. The very very best recognition is the recommendations that I receive everyday from Brides and their family, friends. When I check a booking and it asks ‘How did you hear about us?’ And the answer is recommendation - that is the pat on the back. Jemma xoxo 

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