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Trunk Shows & Pop Up’s at H&W

Trunk Shows I hear you; what is a trunk show? In brief; a trunk show is when a Designer is showcased at a Bridal store which will involve the Designer sending to the Bridal Store a collection of gowns normally gowns that the store does not currently stock or a new season collection. It could be a new designer or a current designer. What does this mean to you the Bride? This means that you lucky Brides get to view, try on and buy a whole range of gowns that are not normally stocked in the boutique! Most Trunk Show’s coincide with a discount or so not only do you get to try on exclusive gowns but there is always a possibility of a little discount! What does mean to the Bridal Store? Personally from an owners point of view, I get to see gowns on real brides in real life not on models, they may have been gowns that I overlooked or a new collection. I get to hear, see and feel real feedback from Brides trying the gowns on. So trunk shows may sound not very British and incredibly American and I suppose us Brits prefer the term ‘Pop Up’. But a Trunk Show/Designer Day or Pop Up which ever you prefer is an exciting event, often including H&W Bridal stores will open up on a Sunday too to accommodate extra Brides visiting. Another bonus of the trunk show is that the exclusivity and uniqueness of the gown is increased as the gowns are not currently stocked which means that you’re the only one trying and buying. So on that note; here is a comprehensive list of H&W’s upcoming trunk shows and some sneak peeks of the gowns coming along for these limited periods. First Up Marquise Bridal Trunk Show Date to be Confirmed but it’s looking like end of July. Riki Dalal 4th & 5th of August (4th is already Fully Booked!) 30th August - 10th September E&W Couture 15th September - 22nd September Wolff & Bone exclusively in the UK for Halo & Wren 16th November - 18th November Willowby Watters Oui The Label date to be confirmed Book Now

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