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5 minutes with Lianne Tucker from Blonde Army

Yesterday I answered on social media via a post; a couple of questions that I regularly asked by Brides and visitors to Halo & Wren.

'What made you open Halo & Wren and What made you get in to Bridal?' This is one of my favourite questions and I am proud of how H&W started, the why's and the how's behind the reasons to start. I could go on and on as there are so many reasons why, but here is the briefest answer: simply because it’s the reason H&W is H&W. I as a Bride (5years ago) didn’t feel represented in the Bridal Boutiques I was visiting, I was overwhelmed by choice via Pinterest and the new born Instagram but I couldn’t find these relaxed gowns in real life.

I wanted a boutique that offered me ‘Me’ in a wedding dress and I wanted less structure, light weight fabrics, modern designs and I struggled (for nearly two years) to find it. I also wanted to shop in a relaxed environment that wasn’t stuffy or overly formal/traditional. My journey is your journey, I am you. I was you searching for that boutique that represents you with the incredible selection of gowns at inclusive prices with no hard sell.

If you’re a modern Bride who is having a relaxed wedding, your day your way. H&W and all of its gowns, social media, website has been designed for you by me the Bride who was you.

Following on from this; I spent 5 minutes answering a brief interview with Lianne Tucker from Blonde Army Here is the interview: I hope it helps Brides understand a bit about why H&W is the answer to their Bridal gown needs:

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your company - I am Jemma Palmer and my Company is Halo & Wren which is a Bridal Boutique for the modern, relaxed Bride located on the historic cobbled streets of Old Town, Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, situtaed just under 30 minutes outside of London. Halo & Wren was born from my own experience as Bride and the fact that I didn't feel represented by the boutiques that I visited. Every little detail of H&W is aimed at my kind of Brides, the whole brand is cohesive and it's so clear from the social media, the website what sort of Bridal Boutique H&W is; the experience is relaxed, intimate, informal and most importantly caring. The gowns are handpicked to represent very unique styles from mainly independently designed designers all over the world.

  2. What do weddings mean to you? Everything. Everyone has their own thoughts on weddings and marriage which I respect but mine is one of LOVE, my favourite part of my wedding was still saying my vows because it meant so much to tell my husband in those words in front of everyone just much it meant to me to spend the rest of my life with him. So to be part of so many people's weddings is a dream come true to know that are a cog in the wheel of this marriage is incredible.

  3. As a professional in your field what are your 5 top tips regarding your craft? My top tips would be: No.1 Do it because you love it, not because it's going to make you a millionaire (It won't). 2. Stay true to you and your Brides and your style (My only dress mistakes have been when I listened to sales reps opinions on gown). 3. Shout from the rooftops about how good you are! No one is going to promote you except you. 4. Know that businesses change, you evolve and your confidence and style grows and you don't have to keep doing something because you paid for it 3 years ago. 5. Network, speaking to like minded businesses will keep you sane! And support you, bounce off each other, share ideas even the silly ones and make friends.

  4. What are bride’s main questions and concerns when they come to your boutique?I try to be as clear as possible online at initial point of contact in terms of pricing but I guess finance is an area that Bride likes addressing, and production time of gowns. Gowns can be made quickly but there is a degree of stress and sometimes additional cost involved so the general advice would be to order sooner (9-12 months) rather than later (6-9 months) to reduce stress, gowns are international and we have to account for any delays in shipping and customs. I also get asked about sample sizes, we stock mainly 12's with some 14's I would love to stock all sizes but I would be very poor, I also stocked larger sizes when I opened but received feedback from majority of Brides anfd they felt like the sizes were too big.

  5. What’s been the highlight of your career so far? The Highlight so far is the Brides, each and everyone of them, to know that I have reached 'My' bride, found 'My' bride her gown and been part of her dream day is my highlight. Every one of them.

  6. What would you love to see more of in the wedding industry? Flexibility from designers, the minimums demanded by designers isn't realistic to a successful industry. More trunk shows/loaning/designer days allowing boutiques to have different ranges for longer periods of time but if the brand doesn't work, the boutique and the designer hasn't lost out.

  7. 5 things you’re loving in life at the moment? Fashion/Style inspiration, my children are 3 and 4 and I fully embraced the comfortable mum look but more recently I have been loving fashion and style and really finding my identity in my clothes. Pearls; pearls in hair, pearls in ears, pearls in veils, pearls on sleeves, pearls, pearls, pearls. Creative freedom; I really admire my designers and my seamstress and they have been inspiring me to get creative. Obviously my family and I am always into them. Instagram and Social media - I know it can be the devil for some people and I am guilty of endless scrolling but I am loving how supportive social media can be, it also plays a huge part in being able to express who I am and the business. 5. Dresses - specifically Bridal gowns, totally into them, everyday.

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