Helping you prepare to buy 'The Dress', snippets of the very best advice straight from the o

I am so overwhelmed to find that for many of my Brides I am top of the list and the very first boutique you want to visit, this is such wonderful news and I get to introduce you to the very best relaxed bridal gowns and the most unique designer's stocked here at H&W.

I know that when you book an appointment you may have already purchased a few token bridal magazines, visited your favourite blogs and probably have a few hundred dresses on your Pinterest board however shopping/buying your bridal gown is an experience like no-other. I would love to say it's a simple as popping into Zara, Topshop or Mango and then going back to the first one and getting the dress in Zara, but it's not. But that doesn't mean this has to be a difficult journey, full of nerves, fretful decisions or regret.

The best way to make the bridal buying experience as enjoyable as it should be is to be informed. Researching and preparing yourself will help and guide you through the decisions and up-to the big day.

I don't want to teach anyone to suck eggs, but here's the very best advice, in as brief as I can possibly keep it from my mouth and some of the owners of the very best Bridal Boutiques in the UK.

Instagram: Use it, use hashtags to search for specific bridal terms that may represent your thoughts and ideas on your wedding dress/bridal gown for exmple, I use the terms #relaxedbridalgown to describe my style of gown in store or #uniquebridalgown

Work out the search terms that describe your vibe and use them. You can save the pictures without screenshotting them and clogging up your already full photo albums. Ask questions. seen a gown on another bride, ask them! Every bride loves talking about their wedding dress. Once you have found the gown...unfollow! Business accounts are not private so certainly won't be offended if you unfollow and follow again!

Pinterest: Wow - how amazing can Pinterest be to help you plan and style your wedding, but it can also be a minefield?! Broken links, fake accounts, links to copied/replica gowns. I think Pinterest can be wonderful in helping you see different styles, however it can be misleading and often confusing. If a gown has a good link or a name, google it and look for prices, did you know Google also has an image search function which can show you the origin of animage.

Budget: How much you want to spend on your bridal gown? Every person has a different amount they or a loved one will want to spend on their gown. There is no wrong or right amount it's personal. But you can do to make sure that firstly you do not try on a gown that way out of budget is ask! On H&W's website I list the price bracket of each designer and every single gown in store is labelled with it's price. Be fully informed. Do not try on gowns that several thousands of pounds out of budget...for some people there is wiggle room in a budget but that's never thousands.