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Are you a H&W Bride? Or planning on being one?

I have always sent my gorgeous Brides something I call the 'Bride Guide' as I find it can help prepare Bride's once they have purchased their gown for the rest of the journey, and this weekend, I gave it a little refresh and it got me thinking that actually this advice is also perfect for Brides to Be who are just starting out on their Bridal Buying experience.

So I thought it might be an idea to share this advice, some is super helpful for every bride especially a H&W bride but it's an interesting read even if you purchased your gown elsewhere or haven't started shopping yet.

I am also open to feedback on your thoughts on what I have prepared? H&W brides I will be sending you the new version of the Bride Guide for reference but please do keep the old one too.


First Steps Finance:

You have paid your deposit, when do you pay the remainder?

Jemma or one of the team will have briefly discussed this with you at the appointment;

We offer three options for payments.

1. Full Payment at Ordering

2. 50% deposit, the remaining 50% is due on arrival of the gown at H&W

3. 1/3 deposit, the 2nd third instalment is due 3 months later and the final instalment is due within 30 days of arrival of gown at H&W

How do I pay the remainder?

The deposits can be paid by bank transfer and can also be paid over the phone, however this will incur an additional fee of 0.35% due to a compulsory charge from the bank for ‘Customer not present’ transactions.

No alterations can take place on a gown until the gown is paid for in full. Please review the delivery times for your gown to ensure you have the funds ready for when you are notified of the gowns arrival.


I want to stress to brides that the gown you have tried on in store is a sample gown, this means that unless the gown fitted you perfectly and we have ordered you the exact same size as the sample, your new gown will look different on you to the sample gown.

I also want Brides to understand that your gown when it arrives is not wedding ready, it will still not fit perfectly, wedding gowns ALWAYS require tailoring to fit you perfectly, so please do not bring an audience to your first fit expecting to put on a perfect finished gown, the wedding dress fit is a PROCESS.

Different designers work in different ways; Jemma would have explained in your trial that the designer you have purchased from is either a Made to Measure Designer or Ready to Wear. Let me explain the differences:

Made to Measure: Your bust, waist and Hips (for some designers/designs there will be additional measures) are measured and the gown is made