• JP

Bridal Make Up Artists

Following on from yesterday’s blog post on our recommended Bridal Hair Stylists for the modern bride.

Today, I have Frozen on the Television, I have even managed to get dressed...

Still haven’t tidied the house, but then hey, we can’t tick every box right?

So I have tied to include Make Up artists locally, nationally and internationally. I have included their Instagram handles.

First up (and in no particular order) is Sam from @boho.skin you may recognise Sam as she also helps me at Halo & Wren, Sam’s style of make up is Natural, glowing skin.

Then we have Rachel from @makeup_in_orangeries again beautiful natural make up from London based Make Up Artist.

I am following up with the G L A M squad the next four make up artists are known for their glam bridal styles, polished perfection.

@makeupbyzk based in Hertfordshire having done a shoot together, I have seen how beautiful her work is.

Another Hertfordshire based MUA and very local to Halo & Wren (located on the Old High St) is @glambypollysalon

The next is @muakatiegiles beautifully natural bridal styles.

Locally based but currently on Mat leave is @ambercampionbeauty

Another three Bridal Makeup Artists who has featured on our recommended Hair Stylists...