• JP

Copy of Jane Hill | Moroccan Rose 19′ X HALO & WREN


Now I am sure I have your attention, let me introduce you to Jane Hill. Unfolding its delicate, pillow-soft petals this 2019, is the new Moroccan Rose Collection by Australian bridal label, Jane Hill. And, trust me when I say you’ll instantly be enchanted with its fresh, intoxicating vibe.

HALO & WREN will be the first stockist in England of the brand and I am so excited to receive our gowns chosen from the 2019 Moroccan Rose Collection.

Established in 1990, this is a brand that caters effortlessly for the cool, contemporary bridal babe who makes her own traditions and wants to cause a stir as she takes to the aisle (whether that aisle’s a floating pontoon or urban bar). Designed and handmade in Australia, it’s a label that strives for incredibly attention to detail, the utmost quality and, of course, the most perfect of fit.

Storming the latest line is everything from scintillating silhouettes to bohemian waterfall sleeves, DREAMY floral details, striking necklines and much, much more. It’s a collection to get the heart beating, that speaks to the modern bride and her taste for fresh, inspiring style. Just pair with crushingly beautiful accessories (a simple nude strap heel, a gold bracelet) and the aisle awaits.