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You’ll just know if you meet a Halo & Wren bride. She’s achingly cool, totally laid back and just breathes elegance in that fresh and contemporary way. She covets the non-traditional, swoons over international bridal designers and knows the kind of vibe she’s looking for. She’s the kind of bride you’ll find dancing barefoot under the stars without a care in the world, a vintage saucer of Veuve Clicquot in-hand and her Aleena Leena gown catching the light...she’s comfortable in her own skin, and she’s at the heart of everything we do here at Halo & Wren.

She’s also evolved, and we wanted to emulate that growth with a change. Enter the new Halo & Wren Hemel Hempstead wedding boutique. That’s right, the reign of Halo & Wren has just entered a whole new phase, and we want you along for the ride...


After getting hold of the keys for the new space on the 13th March (we’d spotted the empty store and tentatively enquired inside, instantly recognising a mere three feet in the door that we had to have it) 85 High Street, Hemel Hempstead became a thriving hub of renovation and activity, with our team working tirelessly non-stop into the early hours for four solid weeks so we could open our freshly-painted doors on the 12th April 2021 (the first day non-essential retail could open up again after lockdown). Not only did the extra floor space bring us the opportunity to evolve H&W in terms of interior aesthetics (reinforcing our owner, Jemma Palmer’s innate ability for kick- starting trends in the bridal industry - she was one of the first to unveil a pink boutique) but the move has allowed us to continue to nurture the Halo & Wren - ever-growing, ever-changing - bride and her sartorial tastes.


Emboldened by the demographic of client we’ve been attracting at H&W (you lovely lot have been travelling across country - and actual airspace - to browse and try on our carefully curated selection of international designers) we knew it was time to unleash a whole new level of style on the new home of Halo & Wren (and, BOY did we). With some expert direction from one of our brides (Kayley of @woottonlife - an interiors fiend and lover (as her Instagram profile states) of “fifty shades of beige”) together we let the new, slightly more mature and sophisticated Halo & Wren ditch her previously pretty clothes, and try on something a whole lot more pared back and sophisticated. And HELL did she look GOOD.

Flooded with light, the new H&W breathes an almost studio vibe. Peppered with cool, architectural details and a calmingly neutral colour palette of buttery soft beige tones, tan, oatmeal and pure white, the new aesthetic instantly entices clients into the relaxed space. By employing striking furniture pieces (just wait until you lay eyes on the curved boucle sofa from Stringer Brothers), architecturally arresting lighting (sourced from an independent lighting brand in the Netherlands) and the installation of a characterful, rather ancient olive tree, not only would the beige never become boring, but the aesthetic is sympathetic to the building’s heritage. Pulled together with an enticing mix of new, up-cycled and second-hand (THAT travertine table was another Facebook Marketplace find by the aforementioned interiors-wizard Kayley), we’re in no doubt brides will fall hard for the new store.

When you first step inside, it’s probably best if you take a seat on one of the teak kangaroo chairs in our waiting corner to let the WOW-worthy aesthetic sink in and take hold (but we’re all for slumping in awe on the showroom rug if that’s what you’re into/where you want to fawn). Then, before being led downstairs to where a private suite awaits (that’s right, the new H&W has three (three!) individual fitting rooms - each as achingly chic as the one before it) you’ll be invited to kickstart your appointment in the trademark H&W way and browse our curated selection of international designer gowns hanging from the rails.