• JP

Happy Pride Month

I want every bride, every single bride to feel welcome at H&W, not only do I want everyone to feel welcome, I want you to know that you are celebrated, you're cherished and your cared for here at H&W.

The last month has been a eye opener for most people and personally a time of reflection, and admission that I can do better to learn, to listen and change. I actively seek advice and I am honest with myself to say that this is just the start.

I am aware of my growing platform (I know I am not on the levels of 100k of followers but) I still take my audience and what I share with my audience seriously. I am keen to celebrate diversity in all it forms, and this month I celebrate Pride, I like to celebrate this month by changing our window to show our support and creating social posts celebrating our brides, on reflection, I think I can do more so I would your suggestions on how I can show further support for pride month .Please feel free to email me or DM me on socials if you have any ideas?

Now lets get planning that window, I have a round up of our favourite windows over the years since I have opened below; got a favourite that I missed, let me know:

How are you celebrating Pride? Let me know?

Love Jemma

See you sooooooon!