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How will I know it’s ‘the One’, top advice to help you say yes to the dress

How will I know? Do I cry? Does my mum cry?

The answer is no, yes, sometimes, never, maybe! I can’t speak for every boutique but Halo & Wren is a relaxed bridal boutique which means I get relaxed brides.

I hate to break to you but the programme Say Yes to The Dress is NOT reality. Trust me one of my brides has been on it (and said Yes to the dress, on screen - but didn’t actually buy the dress), she got her dress at H&W.

If you’re a relaxed natured person (the type of bride H&W caters for) I would be VERY surprised if you cried (pleasantly) but VERY surprised.

See below the words used to describe when a dress is ‘the One’ from my past beautiful Halo & Wren Brides:

👰🏻’I don’t want to take it off’ - then it’s the One

👰’ I feel like myself in this gown’ - then it’s the One

👰🏼’Even though it doesn’t fit, I can imagine how good it’s going to look’ - then it’s the One

👰🏽 ‘I love it’ - then it’s the One

👰🏿’This makes me feel so special’ - then it’s the One

👰🏽’I feel so good’ - then it’s the One

👰🏻’ I haven’t tried anything like this before’ - then it’s the One

👰🏿’I knew I would love this gown’ - then it’s the One

👰🏻’This is not what was expecting to get married in but I love it’ - then it’s the One

👰’I can’t remember the other dresses I have tried on now’ - then it’s the One.

If you say or feel one or more of the above then guess what your standing in ‘the One’. There is ALWAYS another dress, stop with the fear of missing out, you picked to visit that boutique because you had an idea that your gown was there. Now your standing in a gown saying the above words and looking just AMAZING...it’s the One.