• JP

Jane Hill Bridal at Halo & Wre

Such a weird time to be arranging a Trunk Show, but, the Show must go on. I would normally be plugging the HELL out of my Trunk Show with Jane Hill Bridal, but, like absolutely everything in life, right now, things have changed.

Firstly I’m going to quickly explain what the hell a Trunk Show is, because when I was bride, I had no idea and I’m pretty sure that Brides have heard the term but are not really sure what they’re really all about.

Trunk Shows are held for a couple of reasons, so the Boutique can view a collection, especially for boutiques like Halo & Wren, Trunk Shows are incredibly important, our designers are international and I am so lucky to be able to fly out to visit them but collections are released sometimes two/three times a year, for obvious reasons (I am not a millionaire), I can’t see all of the collections in person. So we hold Trunk Shows to see the gowns, feel them, put them on, because just like you the bride, seeing a gown on social media/online. Until you have it in your hands or on your body, a picture will never do it justice.

For the Brides however, it’s a RARE opportunity to try on gowns that a boutique will not be stocking, and try them on before they have been officially launched by the boutique. Halo & Wren is a small but perfectly formed boutique stocking 35-50 gowns at a max, which means I purchase my gowns so critically, for a gown to be on the rails at H&W, I have to not only LOVE it, but it has to be ‘Me’ and it has to be You, I will not ever stock ’meh’ gowns, the gown has to blow me away, it’s one of the reasons I started H&W, because I was fed up of the mainstream, tired of seeing Brides getting married in boring, safe, identikit gowns. So this is mind when I am buying. I am not buying for the masses, I don’t want the masses, I am buying for the style conscious bride, the bride who doesn’t want a gown remotely similar to anything her friends have got married in. Hence, why I don’t buy full collections, I pick key gowns, the ones I just know are ‘My Brides’, here’s an example the three gowns below are my choices from Jane Hill Bridal Afore 21’ Collection.

When I imagine my bride in these gowns, she is confident, she is making a statement, a subtle and relaxed statement but turning heads, yes, she is getting married but she is also taking this opportunity to look and feel the best she has ever felt and looked and why not? She is into fashion and style but also loves an oversized tee/shirt and joggers- her wedding hair will be relaxed but polished, the vibe will family and friends orientated and the person at the end of the aisle worships her. My brides are the modern woman, doing their day their way, they generally have pretty full on jobs or families, they may be getting married after having babies, or just bought their first home, like myself have really found themselves and their own style or they work in fashion or in the creative industries. They have eye and they are drawn to H&W because they can feel and see themselves belonging to the same style as H&W.

Trunk Shows allow me to also get your opinion and guess who’s opinion I value most? When a Trunk Show is here and it’s always for a limited time before it goes to the next boutique, normally internationally, I am carefully listening and watching how you react to the gowns that I have ordered for my permanent collection and the gowns which I decided not to stock, and sometimes, I end up ordering extra ones from your feedback.

So, we can pretty much gather that a Trunk Show is beneficial to both Bride and Me! Jane Hill Bridal’s latest collection Adore 21’ is arriving to me for the 20th July and leaving me at end of day on the 26th of July. I am normally exceptionally busy whenever Jane Hill are in at Halo & Wren, because, well it’s Jane Hill! But this time, I am limited to just two appointments a day because of the current restrictions in place.

If you are sitting on the fence and lusting after Jane Hill Bridal and you just know you’re going to find your gown at the best bridal boutique ever, in the most chilled shopping environment, don’t Miss out on this seriously limited event.

Email me on hello@haloandwrenbridal.com for the up to date availability, the Adore 21’ gowns will only be here for one week and will not be coming back.