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Planning a Winter Wedding?

Winter weddings bring magic and romance, but they can also bring a few extra challenges – not least because of the colder weather and busy diaries. We called on some of the country’s top event planners for their advice if you’re planning to tie the knot at this time of year…

Consider The Budget

Not only is winter a romantic time of year to get married, but it is often financially beneficial too, with many venues offering reduced ‘off-season’ rates, says wedding planner Samantha Birch. Bernadette Chapman, director of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, reckons winter nuptials can feel more indulgent and opulent – plus, there’s less concern about weather because most couples plan the entire day inside.

Keep The Event In One Place

Wedding co-ordinator Clara Earp recommends finding a venue where you can hold the ceremony and reception in one place to avoid having to travel when the weather is at its worst. Fellow wedding co-ordinator Ruth Mundy agrees, adding that couples might need to forgo the idea of a separate church venue to keep things simple. It’ll also help minimise travel delays for guests, too. Note, it might be a minor point, but it might be worth checking to see what Christmas or festive decorations the venue has of its own to see where you could save on the budget.

Have A Contingency Plan

Remember poor weather could disrupt any potential suppliers, so work with the venue staff to understand what their contingency plan is. Try to understand how much of the work is done in-house, and how much is outsourced to third parties. The mor