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Plus size/Curve/Petite Sizes/Diversity

This morning I saw a post from an amazing Boutique in Edinburgh that stocks with Made With Love, just like me. It was a picture of the Scottie gown on a plus size bride, and OH HOT DAMN it looked incredible!

I already stock Scottie in a 12 and it can comfortably be tried on by a size 6/8-14/16 as its super comfortable and flexible whilst remaining supportive however I know this isn’t ideal so I am consciously diversifying tHe sizes in store, including smaller sizes too.

The website is created and run by me so I am ever evolving how that looks, runs and feels and what information is on the website too. I have listed the sizes of the gowns and their prices to make sure that I am being completely transparent for potential brides looking for their gown. This helps Build a level of trust and clarity right from the word ’go’ that there will not be hidden costs or noughts added on because your buying a wedding gown. But it also allows a bride to view the gowns and make a short list of what they would like to try on.

In terms of sizes and having everyone’s size, I am afraid this isn’t possible, sadly, the boutique is not High Street H&M, the gowns cost bucks and I have to buy every single one.

I am making a conscious (so we hate that word?!) effort to add additional sizes smaller and larger. Now I need your help, I am looking for opinions on my current stock and what you think we should have in a plus size/petite size?

I love my ongoing relationships with past, recent and future brides and I know you all love wedding dresses so I want you to tell me:

Two Gowns from Current stock (all on the website) that you think/feel would be great to stock in a plus size 18/20 and two gowns that you think would be perfect in a smaller size 8ish.

I am so excited to hear your feedback and I can’t wait to review your thoughts.

As always I am constantly shopping for new gowns/labels that represent H&W and I am chatting to three new labels at the moment so I will share with you once I am further down the line the new designers!

DM me on Insta with your four gowns or drop me an email? And I also believe you can make a comment on here too?

Jemma XO