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This is my Why

I started Halo & Wren because as a Bride myself I struggled to find a boutique with dresses that represented me.

I found TONS online, infact, too many on Pinterest (one moment it’s a minimalistic slip, the next I’m convinced I should be covered head to toe in pearls). But in reality, where were these gowns?

My own Halo & Wren Pinterest is a reflection of inspiration foe the modern bride. Filled with shoes, gowns (that you can try on & buy), wow weddings, fashion, mani’s, interiors e.t.c

In reality, when I went bridal shopping, I only found row upon row of traditional gowns that I had seen a million times before (I specifically use ‘Owner of Halo & Wren, the bridal boutique for brides who don’t want to look like their friends’ on my personal Instagram Bio).

I wanted a chilled shopping experience not the pushy, outdated and careless customer care I received. I also ‘hate’ (I know that’s harsh) the typical Bridal Boutique interior with the gilded mirror and accent wallpaper...not me at all!

I wanted to walk into a boutique and be inspired - see fresh interiors, a boutique that was evolving and growing - not old-fashioned and reliant on tradition, I wanted to find a place that was ‘ME’, I’m lucky to live close to London and was sure I would find it there, I visited all the big names, sadly, my ‘budget (btw it was £2000.00 7 years ago) didn’t allow much choice, that ‘how much do you have to spend’ was the first question I was faced when I walked in.

Yes those Pinterest dresses can be found and yes some are in London at those ‘Big’ stores but they can also be found in Old Town, Hemel Hempstead!

I constantly evolve Halo & Wren to continually represent my modern, digital bride who wants a chilled but oh so pretty shopping experience with hand selected gowns from the best designers around the world.

You won’t find 100’s of dresses, you don’t need 100’s of dresses. I know my brides and I know how to shop for you.

This is what Halo & Wren is built on, my journey, has lead to me to opening H&W and is leading every experience that you have as bride.

I don’t just own a bridal boutique.

Love Jemma XO

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