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Don't panic, but I am getting married in June/ July/August/September, October.

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O.K so now we're all fully recovered from the latest announcement, lets look at the situation in hand if you're getting married mid to late 21' and you haven't got your dress yet.

Firstly, please don't panic, I hate being a told you so, BUT, shopping your dress should be 10-12 months before your wedding and the minimum you should order your dress is 7-9 months ahead of the wedding.

There is still time, but, it comes with some compromises. That being, you need to be well researched, you need to be visiting your chosen boutiques (and I say that with gritted teeth, because you need to have a genuine - I LOVE this/these dresses at this particular boutique to warrant a visit), I am afraid the days of wafting around 3-6 boutiques having a jolly day out are gone, that being said, you and your guests* (* when you're allowed guests) will still have the best time, I promise (I can only speak for H&W), it will be special, you will feel relaxed, you will love the experience.

The next compromise is 'time to think, time to review photos, time to sleep on it' - nope, that's gone too. After the March - June lockdown, H&W's appointments were extremely limited and I consider March-May my quiet time, I am busiest December -February so you need to be flexible with your appointments, yes it might mean 1/2 day off to come and have a mid week appointment because Saturdays are fully booked 6-8 weeks ahead in a non-covid time...

The positives: There are positives! I have emailed all my designers to get the current production/delivery timescales so here they are (they are subject to change).

Jane Hill - 5 months (they actually said 4 months - but I added 1 month in-case of custom delays), if you have less time than this, add £250 approx to the cost of the dress for rush fee

Made With Love/Emmy Mae - 5 Months (they say 20 weeks) they can also offer a rush fee of which I have to enquire for each gown.

Alena Leena - 4 Months

E&W Couture - 8 week turnaround - they expect this to change though

Amy New - 5 months

Studio Levana - waiting for confirmation

AndforLove - arriving March - awaiting confirmation

I have an active sample sale page here which is being updated all the time, these gowns can be shipped out after payment within 3 working days, as with all sample gowns, they can be taken in by several sizes and let out by 1 sometimes 2 sizes, all samples will require alterations and some may need a dry clean. I will always state what needs doing and I have a recommended dry cleaners Terrington Burchett - who I use for my gowns - they're amazing! Sample gowns are returnable and refundable but I will deduct £50.00 per gown to cover the postage, possible damage, cleaning. They also require return within 3 working days. Brides purchasing online samples are still welcome to use my recommended seamstress here at H&W, and you can store the gown at H&W for the time being - you will just need to pay the return postage.

Honestly, I know this wedding dress shopping experience is not as you expected it, nothing is at the moment and it's ok to feel down about this, it's o.k to have a moan about it - you can moan to me if you like? But, if I can highlight anything it is this; When this is all over and life is normal (IT WILL HAPPEN), you won't think about the journey, you'll be getting on and getting married - your wedding day truly